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I've always accumulated books, and so has David -- when he moved to the U.S., most of what was shipped over were book boxes. Last year or so, I read Nicholas Basbanes's excellent A Gentle Madness, and the proverbial light bulb lit up: We're not just amassing books, we've actually got some proper collections developing. Sure, most of them are minor and not the sort of thing research libraries will be fighting to be bequeathed, but hey, collections nonetheless. So we got a bit more organised about some of the searching and purchasing. Once we moved apartments last spring and actually had space for (almost) enough bookshelves, I started in on my long-planned scanning project.

Why put an index of our collection online? Mostly for fun. Hey, it's our website, and our books are one of our main hobbies. But also because, in researching obscure books, I've been grateful for the information I've found on other people's sites. Quite a lot of what we have is bog common, but a few items are scarce, and there's a chance someone will be looking at some point for bibliographic details or such that our site can provide. In the time I've been maintaining my booklog I've been e-mailed occasionally with comments or questions about the books I mention; that's always fun.

Anyway, on with the show. Er, database. Oh, and if you want to see what the collection actually looks like, we have a photos page.

Last updated: 7/16/03

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You can also read about the project (details on the software I use, updates on what's new, etc). And, of course, comments and questions are always welcome. I'm reachable at stacy(@)covehurst.net.