TV & Film Books

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Ableman, PaulStraight Up: The Autobiography of Arthur DaleyPaperbackMandarin1 October, 19921991London0-7493-1119-3
Asen, Ben (Photographer)Me by Me: The Sock Puppet BookPaperbackibooksNovember 28, 20002000New York0-7434-1313-X
Barnes, Hilary"The Bill": the First Ten YearsPaperbackBoxtree30 June, 19951995London1-85283-964-3
Bowden, TimThe Backchat BookPaperbackABC Book 1990Crows Nest, NSW, Australia0-7333-0000-6
Burke, JohnThe BillPaperbackMandarin31 January, 19921992London0-7493-0277-1
Burke, JohnThe Bill 2PaperbackMandarin31 January, 19911991London0-7493-0278-X
Chapman, GrahamThe Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus : All the Words, Volume 2PaperbackPantheon BooksNovember 19891989London0-679-72648-9
Clarke, John & Stevenson, RossThe GamesTrade PaperbackABC BooksNovember 19991999Sydney0-7333-0799-X
Cleese, JohnThe Complete Fawlty Towers (Methuen Humour)PaperbackMethuen Publishing Ltd13 August, 19981988London0-7493-0159-7
Cleese, JohnThe Golden Skits of Wing-Commander Muriel Volestrangler, FRHS and BarPaperbackMethuen Publishing Ltd31 December, 19841994London0-413-41560-0
Elton, BenBachelor Boys: The Young Ones BookPaperbackTime Warner Paperbacks26 February, 19871984London0-7221-5765-7
Glut, Donald FEmpire Strikes BackPaperbackSphereMay 19801980London0-7221-5650-2
Humphries, BarryThe Life and Death of Sandy StonePaperbackPenguin Books7 November, 19911991Victoria, Australia0-14-015712-3
Jay, A.Yes Minister CompleteTrade PaperbackBBC Consumer Publishing (Books)31 December, 19891989London0-563-20665-9
Lucas, GeorgeStar WarsMass Market PaperbackSphere19771976London0-7221-5668-5
Lynch, TonyThe Bill: The Inside Story of British Television's Most Successful Police SeriesPaperbackBoxtree15 September, 19921991London1-85283-747-0
Lynn, JonathanThe Complete Yes Prime MinisterTrade PaperbackBBC Consumer Publishing (Books)31 December, 19891989London0-563-20773-6
Martin, Ian KennedyRegan and the Deal of the Century (Contact Bks.)PaperbackFutura Pubns.November 19761976London0-86007-399-8
Patterson, Sir LesThe Traveller's ToolPaperbackCoronet1 November, 19861985London0-340-39676-8
Rodriguez, RobertRebel Without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood PlayerPaperbackPlumeSeptember 19961995New York0-452-27187-8
Scheuer, Steven H. (Editor)Movies on TV and Videocassette, 1993-1994Mass Market PaperbackBantam BooksNovember 19921992New York0-553-29927-1
Silver, RachelThe Bill: Behind the ScenesPaperbackHarperCollins Entertainment1 November, 19991999London0-00-257137-4
Willam, Jean-FrancoisWilliam's Almanac: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Video GamesTrade PaperbackiQ Guides20022002Quebec, Canada2-922417-29-8