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David BorgenichtThe Action Hero's Handbook: How to Catch a Great White Shark, Perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Track a Fugitive, and Dozens of Other TV and Movie SkillsAdvance Reading CopyQuirk BooksOctober 20022002Philadelphia1-931686-05-X
Dickson, PaulThe Official Rules of LifeHardcoverBarnes & Noble BooksJune 20002000New York0-7607-2049-5
Dikkers, Scott (Editor)The Onion's Finest News ReportingPaperbackThree Rivers PressApril 4, 20002000New York0-609-80463-4
Grace, BudErnie Out of Control: A Collection of Sophisticated Literature and Fine ArtPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingSeptember 19961996Kansas City0-8362-2123-0
Grace, BudTrust Me: Ernie's First YearPaperbackAvon BooksFebruary 19901990New York0-380-76069-X
Groening, MattChildhood Is HellPaperbackPantheon BooksNovember 19881988New York0-679-72055-3
Hochberg, IleneCatmopolitanPaperbackPocket BooksNovember 19871987New York0-671-64704-0
Kellett, ArnoldEe by Gum, Lord!: The Gospels in Broad YorkshireHardcoverDalesman Publishing Company Ltd19961996West Yorkshire1-85825-069-2
Larson, GaryThe Far Side Gallery 5PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 19951995Kansas City0-8362-0425-5
Larson, GaryValley of the Far SidePaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingAugust 19851985Kansas City0-8362-2067-6
Meddick, JimCyberpunktrek: With Robotman and His Evil Twin, BrucePaperbackPharos BooksJune 19901990New York0-88687-485-8
Meddick, JimRobotman: Takes OffPaperbackRavette Publishing Limited30 June, 19901990London0-948456-35-3
Meddick, JimRobotman: Untold StoryPaperbackRavette Publishing Limited30 June, 19901990London0-948456-36-1
Milligan, SpikeThe Bible (the Old Testament) According to Spike MilliganPaperbackPenguin Books28 July, 19941994London0-14-023970-7
Nelson, H.G.It's Yours for a Sawn-Off! Samaranch's SydneyHardcoverRandom House Australia19991999Milsons Point, NSW, Australia0-09-184019-8
No AuthorThat's Really Funny! Over 1000 More Great Jokes from America's Funniest ComediansHardcoverMJF BooksSeptember 20022002New York1-56731-468-6
Onion, TheOur Dumb Century: The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America's Finest News SourcePaperbackThree Rivers PressApril 1999 New York0-609-80461-8
Piven, JoshuaThe Worst-Case Scenario Survival HandbookPaperbackChronicle BooksNovember 19991999San Francisco0-8118-2555-8
Robert Siegel (Editor)The Onion Ad Nauseam: Complete News Archives, Volume 13PaperbackThree Rivers PressSeptember 24, 20022002New York1400047242
Rosen, Richard DeanNot Available in Any Store: The Complete Catalog of the Most Amazing Products Never MadePaperbackPantheon BooksOctober 19901990New York0-679-73068-0
Siegel, Robert (Editor)Dispatches from the Tenth Circle: The Best of the OnionPaperbackThree Rivers PressSeptember 4, 20012001New York0-609-80834-6
Smith, MelJanet Lives with Mel and GriffPaperbackFontana Press27 October, 19881988London0-00-637369-0
Trudeau, G. B.Buck Wild Doonesbury : A Doonesbury BookPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingSeptember 19991999Kansas City0-7407-0015-4
Trudeau, G. B.Duke 2000: Whatever It TakesPaperbackAndrews McMeel PubOctober 15, 20002000Kansas City0-7407-0607-1
Trudeau, G. B.Peace Out, Dawg! Tales from Ground ZeroPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingSeptember 20022002Kansas City0-7407-2677-3
Trudeau, G. B.The Bundled Doonesbury: A Pre-Millennial AnthologyPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19981998Kansas City0-8362-6752-4
Trudeau, G. B.The People's Doonesbury : Notes from UnderfootPaperbackOwl Books19811981New York0-8050-1074-2
Trudeau, G. B.The Revolt Of The English Majors: A Doonesbury BookPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 20012001Kansas City0-7407-1847-9
Trudeau, G. B.,Doonesbury DeluxePaperbackHenry Holt19871987New York0-8050-0596-X
Trudeau, G. P."Any Grooming Hints for Your Fans, Rollie?"PaperbackBantam BooksMay 19801980New York0-553-13458-2
Trudeau, Garry B.Action Figure!: The Life and Times of Doonesbury's Uncle DukePaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingDecember 1992 Kansas City0-8362-1702-0
Trudeau, Garry B.Doonesbury Dossier: The Reagan YearsPaperbackHenry Holt (Paper)19841984New York0-03-000072-6
Trudeau, Garry B.Doonesbury Nation (A Doonesbury Book)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingJune 19951995Kansas City0-8362-1784-5
Trudeau, Garry B.Doonesbury's Greatest HitsPaperbackHenry Holt (Paper)October 19781978New York0-8050-0883-7
Trudeau, Garry B.Doonesbury: The Original Yale CartoonsPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19731973Kansas City0-8362-0550-2
Trudeau, Garry B.Downtown DoonesburyPaperbackHenry Holt (Paper)May 19871987New York0-8050-0354-1
Trudeau, Garry B.Give Those Nymphs Some Hooters!: A Doonesbury BookPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 19891989Kansas City0-8362-1858-2
Trudeau, Garry B.In Search of Cigarette Holder Man: A Doonesbury Book (Trudeau, G. B., Doonesbury Book,)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19941994Kansas City0-8362-1767-5
Trudeau, Garry B.In Search of Reagan's BrainPaperbackHenry Holt (Paper)September 19811981New York0-03-059788-9
Trudeau, Garry B.Planet Doonesbury: A Doonesbury Book (Trudeau, G. B., Doonesbury Book.)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19971997Kansas City0-8362-3686-6
Trudeau, Garry B.Read My Lips, Make My Day, Eat Quiche and DiePaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingMarch 19891989Kansas City0-8362-1845-0
Trudeau, Garry B.The Doonesbury ChroniclesPaperbackHenry Holt (Paper)March 19891989New York0-8050-1062-9
Trudeau, Garry B.The Portable DoonesburyPaperbackFourth EstateOctober 19931993London0-8362-1734-9
Trudeau, Garry B.Virtual Doonesbury (Doonesbury Collection)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 19961996Kansas City0-8362-1032-8
Trudeau, Garry B.Washed Out Bridges and Other Disasters (A Doonesbury Book)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingMarch 19941994Kansas City0-8362-1747-0
Trudeau, Garry B.Welcome to Club Scud!PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19911991Kansas City0-8362-1882-5
Trudeau, Garry B.What Is It, Tink, Is Pan in Trouble? (A Doonesbury Book)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingAugust 19921992Kansas City0-8362-1886-8
Trudeau, Garry B.You're Smokin' Now, Mr. Butts!PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingJuly 19901990Kansas City0-8362-1814-0
Trudeau, Garry B. (Illustrator)Flashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury (Trudeau, G. B., Doonesbury Book.)PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingJanuary 19961996Kansas City0-8362-0436-0
Trudeau, GaryAnd That's My Final OfferPaperbackOwl BooksDecember 19811981New York0-553-20203-0
Trudeau, GaryWouldn't a Gremlin Have Been More SensiblePaperbackBantam BooksAugust 19761976New York0-553-13289-X
Trudeau, Gary B.Quality Time on Highway 1: A Doonesbury BookPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingJune 19931993Kansas City0-8362-1712-8
Trudeau, Gary B.Recycled Doonesbury: Second Thoughts on a Gilded AgePaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingNovember 19901990Kansas City0-8362-1824-8
WattersonWeirdos From Another Planet!PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingMarch 19901990Kansas City0-8362-1862-0
Watterson, BillAttack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons: A Calvin and Hobbes CollectionPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingApril 19921992Kansas City0-8362-1883-3
Watterson, BillCalvin and HobbesPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingApril 19871987Kansas City0-8362-2088-9
Watterson, BillScientific Progress Goes "Boink"PaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 19911991Kansas City0-8362-1878-7
Watterson, BillSomething Under the Bed is DroolingPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingApril 19881988Kansas City0-8362-1825-6
Watterson, BillThe Days Are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes CollectionPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingOctober 19931993Kansas City0-8362-1735-7
Watterson, BillThe Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes TreasuryPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingSeptember 19881988Kansas City0-8362-1805-1
Watterson, BillThere's Treasure Everywhere: A Calvin and Hobbes CollectionPaperbackAndrews McMeel PublishingMarch 19961996Kansas City0-8362-1312-2