Our Books: Photos

Most of our books live in our "libray" room. That's also where the computer lives. These shelves hold the maths & science, books on books, advocacy, projects, and history collections, along with our specialized collections, like the Egan, Smith and Wyndham books. (Clicking on any photo pulls up a larger photo.)
Another set of bookshelves is in the living room, holding the general fiction & nonfiction, humour, theatre, food, TV and film books. Out of the shot here is another bookshelf, in the corner of the room, piled haphazardly with politics, classics (mostly my old Latin & Greek texts), and our loosely-sorted slush pile. Also not on this page are the two bookshelves in our bedroom, another haven of unsorted bookclutter.
This is an annex of our library: Our housemate also has an extensive collection. I tease him about its genre purity -- of the several hundred books on his shelves, maybe five aren't F&SF. But hey, any SF classic you want is in there. The cats are often found on that empty bottom shelf.
We each staked out a few shelves for our very favourite books. This is David's Wyndham section. He threatens me if I so much as dust it.
... and I have my section of books on books and Michael Marshall Smith novels and collections.